Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Late Winter/Early Spring

Hello Fellow Dreamers,
While the daffodils are blooming sunshine  and the crocuses are poking their purple faces up through the ground it is still winter and we can benefit from more hibernation and dreamtime.  Find ways to slow down and nourish yourselves be it in your cave or your community.  As the days grow longer and your roots sink deeper into the earth draw up the minerals and essence from the earth and let the sun warm, vitalize, and energize you.  It is time to speak our cold hard truth with soft round words as we move through the north gate of the medicine wheel.   Honor the tall standing ones, the crystal nation and the white hairs of wisdom as we move towards the light and clarity of spring.   Perhaps you are making medicine pieces, writing poetry, reading or germinating seeds, may you find and grow the simple peace of living with purpose and an open heart.  May your purpose show itself to you along with actions you can take to embody it.

Here are some offerings and dates for ceremonies throughout the year in case you wish to save any dates in your calendar. You’ll also see Zoe’s Light Language training this month in Celo. It is getting rave reviews from those who took it last time round. 

Love, gratitude, peace, serenity and strength for the deepening of who we all are and who we are becoming as these times call us forth to heal ourselves, all our relations and the planet,   


Fire Ceremonies 2012
Spring Equinox
Friday March 23     6:30 till 10:00 pm
Summer Solstice
Friday June 22        6:30 till 10:00 pm
Fall Equinox and Yom Kippur
Friday Sept 21         6:30 till 10:00 pm
Day of the Dead
Friday Nov 2               6:30 till 10:00 pm
Winter Solstice
Friday Dec 21              6:30 till 10:00 pm
Join us for a Fire Ceremony to release what no longer serves us.  Come feed the eternal flame as we circle round the sacred fire. On this North Face of the Medicine Wheel we will honor the death and rebirth cycle at this Fire. We will call on the wisdom of the elders, the tall standing ones and all the beings of the North to help us to purify and Be it the death of something within us that we are ready to release or loved ones we have lost, the fire will receive the old and light the new spark within us. Take strength, courage, love, light, growth, resilience, clarity, innocence, playfulness, and joy away with you. 
You will have the opportunity to release beliefs, grief, feelings, thoughts, relationships or anything else that is hampering your ability to be fully and completely who you are by offering them to the fire. We will witness each other as we make new agreements with spirit and dream our lives into being. We will feed the holies and ask their assistance in co-creating ourselves, our thoughts and our lives as we wish them to be. The choice is always yours!
We spend our lives for-getting that living is for-giving.”      Dean Fraser
If you are drawn to be here please call or email Miriam at (919) 304-5754 or melieber@mebtel.net so I’ll know how many people to expect and give you directions if needed. Come prepared for outdoor conditions.  ….Bring, an outdoor chair, drums, rattles, water.  I invite all women to wear a skirt or sarong over pants to honor our sacred grandmothers and the circle of life.   There is never a fee for ceremony but Gifting is appropriate and appreciated to support the life and work of the elders who dedicate their lives to keeping the old ways available.

Arapaho Little Boys and Girls Sweat LodgeSaturday March 10, 2012
This lodge will be poured by Miriam / Firebird  in the tradition passed down to me by my beloved Elder Sharon Mitchell.  This is a beautiful teaching lodge that has the strength and heat for those with experience in an inipi and the gentleness and ease for those who will join us for the first time (which is how it came to be known as the Little Boys and Girls Lodge).  It is not a lodge specifically for children as some have asked but supervised children are welcome to attend.  Feel free to call me with questions and to let me know if spirit is calling you to join us so I can let you know how to prepare. 
Saturday March 10 We will light the fire at 9:00 am  so come by 10:00 and plan to stay until we have returned the land and lodge to order and feasted well … into the late afternoon if you can.  Let us bring festive food to welcome the turning of the sun with a beautiful potluck feast.
Workday Possibilities:  Fridays March 2 or 9, Sunday afternoon Feb 26th or March 4th  OR  anytime the week before that you have some time. We can always use help with gathering wood and stones, raking, moving blankets, etc.  If you have a truck and/or chain saw and want to help gather some wood between lodges please let me know so we can find times to work together, it is an ongoing need.  The preparations are part of the ceremony and are a labor of love and communion with the land, the tall standing ones, the stone people, the water and enrich one’s experience of the ceremony greatly as we joyfully do this sacred work together. 
Contact Miriam (919) 304-5754 or melieber@mebtel.net) to RSVP, find out protocols, directions and/or ask questions.  I will send more information to those planning on attending as to how to prepare and what to bring.  Driving directions are also available on my website www.drumsongsanctuary.com.

Bi-Weekly Shamanic Teaching & Healing Circle at DrumsongEvery Other Thursday   7:15 pm -9:30 pm   
Dates for 2012
Feb 2, 16; Mar 1, 15, 29; Apr 12; May 3, 17,31; June 14, 28;
July 5, 19; Aug 2, 16, 30; Sep 13, 27; Oct 11, 25; Nov 8, 29; Dec 13, 27

Explore the world of your dreams and partner with your spirit helpers to trek deep  within and become a spiritual warrior on the path of peace.  Each week’s skills will build upon the next, stalking our inner obstacles and finding our power through impeccable action.  We will journey with the sacred drum each week.  Learn to get out of your own way and bring spirit through serving as a hollow bone in all your endeavors.  When we work with the guides and helpers that are available to us, invite our medicine ancestors and honor the old ways and our elders, the doors of spirit healing open to us. Come be a part of the magic as we offer shamanic healing ways to the community near and far.
Please call Miriam if you wish to attend or learn more about this circle.
A contribution of $20- $25 per circle is suggested.  May spirit always be your guide.

with Zoe Allison  IN Celo At Earth Green Medicine Lodge
These teachings will deepen your respect for Mother Earth and are position in the cycles of time and creation.  Light Language will help you find a place of inner peace and harmony knowing that you are co-creating on the deepest level with Creator.  You only need to enter in with clarity of mine and open heart.  Be willing to move away from a place of expectations, preconceptions and prejudices.  This is a rich transformational teaching for claiming your personal power and breaking old patterns of mistrust, limitation, and grief. 

Light Language uses Sacred Geometries and vibrations of color light.  Matching Geometrical shapes and pairing these shapes with colors to create patterns to realized perfection. Sacred Geometrical shapes form the building blocks of the universe.  Specific shapes and patterns occur repeatedly in nature. .Sacred geometries are paired with colors to create outcomes of health and well being in the situations of our lives.   Freedom can be co-created in new forms for the benefic of all sentient beings.   Even genetic or habitual energies can be shifted with Light Language.  The prayers (directives) are clear and direct, free of contamination that words carry, and from this clarity, the universe responds as asked. Transform your life with the power and wisdom of these ancient teachings.  You can experience dreaming your life into reality. Co-Creating gifts with Spirit.   Find a clearer connection with your inner goddess, helpers, guides and protectors.

Level one 65.00 level two 330.00 one and two together $350.00
Level One Saturday 9:00am-12:00 pm
Level Two Saturday 1:00-5:00 and Sunday 10:00-5:00  Initiation to follow.
Feb. 18-19, 2012   Earth Green Medicine Lodge, Celo, NC

Guided by your own helpers, guides I want to welcome you to the possibility of you learning Light Language.  We use the tools of sacred geometric shapes and dimensional colors; I'm sure you will feel as a privilege as the lineage is strong with master teachers holding profound teachings. I have found them all to be a beautiful gift in my life, and I trust you will too.

Whether you personally offer hands on healing with Light Language or grid-writing sessions to assist with the manifestation of goals, you will step away from these class sessions, empowered.
Light Language is an effective transformational tool to share with clients, friends and family.

Beginning Light LanguageAt the beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously create what we desire in our lives.  Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our everyday language, thoughts, and behavior. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shaped grids.  Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language. Manual included.

At the intermediate level you learn to write 49-shaped grids for relationships, prosperity, cash, spiritual development and more. Receive powerful health grids for over 165 dis-eases. Work with the original cause of dis-harmony and dis-ease in your life and re-write the script. Manual included.   

For events happening in Winston-Salem with Robin Lynne , please visit www.flowereagle.com .  For events happening at Bo's Elfin Peace Village in Asheville, please contact Bo Deatherage at borose63@gmail.com.  For events offered by Zoe Allison-Rockingbear, visit www.mayanrecordkeeper.com.  For Vision Quest information please visit www.earthgreenmedicinelodge.com
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