Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter 2009 Newsletter

Miriam Lieberman, MA, LPC
1920 Western Trail
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
919 304-5754

A warm wintry greeting to you,

This season of going within has called me into the lodge to dream, rest and heal the deep within places with quiet time by the woodstove listening to the ancestors and guides. It is a time to work on medicine pieces and to hone our intentions for this New Year. Here at the lodge part of that is fresh paint and fresh perspective. The rains have blessed us pretty steadily replenishing our water tables and providing many gray soggy days to deepen the turn inward, to be rather than to do. I’m grateful for all the teachers in my life who remind me that joy is my birthright and that fear and anger can be transformed into trust and right action. I am learning from my teacher that generosity heals anger. I listen much these days to the chanting of the Dalai Lama and feel his commitment to non-violence in the face of great challenge as an inspiration to my life and practice.

In this time of political transition and wars that engender suffering it is a time to be the peace we pray for, to call it forth in our thoughts, actions and dreams. In a week’s time we will have a new president here and hopefully many positive changes in our nation and world. Let us each take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, to speak our truth in loving and kind ways and hold ourselves accountable first and foremost for the healing we bring into our own lives and the lives of others. May we abundantly embody our medicine gifts and be blessed ten-fold in return for each act of kindness and generosity (to self and others) that we freely give. May this year bring us together in ceremony and healing.

With great gratitude for life,
Miriam 1/12/09

Scroll down to learn about ceremonies and classes:
At Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul (Chapel Hill)~ (Fire Ceremonies, Sweat Lodge Feb.7, Teaching circle, drummaking, Cherokee Elder Will Rockingbear will be back at Drumsong this Spring, date TBA
At Raven Haven (Graham)~ Gods and Goddesses class with Zoe Allison.
At Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge (Winston Salem)~ visit for Soul Healing Training, classes and ceremonies
At Healing the Heart to Heart Connection~ Soul Healing Sessions 919 545-9833

Fire Ceremony
Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul

Friday March 20 Spring Equinox
Sunday June 21 Solstice
6:30 pm till 9:00 ish
Join us for a Fire Ceremony to release what no longer serves you. You will have the opportunity to shed beliefs, feelings, thoughts, relationships or anything else that is hampering your ability to be fully and completely who you are by offering them to the fire. We will witness each other as we make new agreements with ourselves and dream our lives into being. We will feed the holies and ask their assistance in recreating ourselves, our thoughts and our lives as we wish them to be. The choice is always yours!

“We spend our lives for-getting that living is for-giving.” Dean Fraser

If you are drawn to be here please call or email Miriam at (919) 304-5754 or so I’ll know how many people to expect and give you directions if needed. Come prepared for outdoor conditions. Bring sarongs, drums, rattles, water. Gifting is appropriate and appreciated.

Bi-Weekly Shamanic Teaching Circle
Mondays 4:30 -6:30 pm
Dates: 2009 , Feb. 2, 16, Mar. 2, 16, 30, Apr. 13, 27, May 11, 25
Explore the world of your dreams and partner with your spirit helpers to trek deep within and become a spiritual warrior on the path of peace. Each week’s skills will build upon the next, stalking our inner obstacles and finding our power through impeccable action. We will journey with the sacred drum each week. Learn to get out of your own way and bring spirit through you to serve as a hollow bone in all your endeavors. When we work with the guides and helpers that are available to us, invite our medicine ancestors and honor the old ways and our elders, the doors of spirit healing open to us. Come be a part of the magic.
A contribution of $20- $25 per circle is suggested. Just let spirit be your guide. Keep scrolling down

Arapaho Little Boys and Girls Sweat Lodge Ceremony at Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul led by Zoe Allison
Saturday February 7th, 2009 4:00- till……?
Zoe Allison is an Artist, Scholar, Science of Mind Ordained Minister and SHY Spiritual Human Yoga Healer and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is co-founder of Earth Green Medicine Lodge, a center for creating healthy spiritual-based mindful lives, located in the Western North Carolina mountains. Zoe has led classes and workshops privately and at colleges and universities for 26
years and has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina visiting many of the sacred sites, working with the people and creating sacred ceremonies. She is the author of the Mayan Record Keeper, the Sacred Tzolkin, an Almanac of the Days, the Mayan Wave Tracker and a yearly calendar of the days of prophecy, and The Mayan Record Keeper cards

We will light the fire after Zoe’s God/Goddess class and be in ceremony until we have feasted well … into the moon filled night.

Workday: Sunday Friday Feb. 6 or by letting me know when you are available to help with cutting, splitting and gathering wood and stones, raking, moving blankets, etc. The preparations are part of the ceremony and are a labor of love and communion with the land, the tall standing ones, the stone people, the water and enrich one’s experience of the ceremony greatly as we do this sacred work together joyfully.

Please contact Miriam (919) 304-5754 or to RSVP, find out protocols, directions and ask questions. I will send more information to those planning on attending as to how to prepare and what to bring. Directions are also available on my website

In our modern times we often look to others to see how to act; or at the very least reflect on how dysfunctional our personal families are. Do we see immature, weak or absent mothers and fathers? Are our kings and queens sufficiently present? Are the god and goddesses of our lives in disorder and chaos or are we showing up engaged and wholly (holy) present with our spiritual helpers. Join me in this exploration of the Goddess and Gods and how they might become more vivid, and more fully present. Knowing the shadow work in our psyches can always use some new light.
In our pre-patriarchal times, the earth as Mother was seen as the primary source of fertility but as our cultures have risen this modern time, the emphasis has shifted from the feminine as the source of fertility to the masculine. The ancient myths have used Biology, at least on the physical plane to be recognized as the union of the males and females, however on the cultural plane and the creation of civilization and technology, the mastery of the natural world, needs to employ both the Goddess and the Gods in recreating the mastery of our natural world. The primary expression for many peoples of the life-force, the libido, of the cosmos must be addressed with a new compassion of the life giving nurturing of ourselves as well as the mastery of our psyche. Allowing us to become the noble beings and create the new Earth.
This will be an empowering, delicious reference guide for modern day people working with gods and goddesses from many traditions in our daily lives. We will spend a year investigating the known strengths and weaknesses of the Gods and living our lives with assistance from the Gods. Perhaps you remember some of these from your past…Diana, Isis, Hathor, Ra, Osiris, Quetzacoaztl, Tzcatlipoca, Ceridiwen as well as others. Traditional ceremonies, messages, altars and teachings of the Gods will be employed to create an ongoing connection with our creators.
January-10 Asheville, NC and January 24 near Graham, NC
February- 11 Asheville, NC and February 7 near Graham, NC
March- 25 Asheville, NC and March 28 near Graham, NC
April- 8 Asheville, NC and April 11 near Graham, NC
May-6 Asheville, NC and May 9 near Graham, NC
All gifting is appropriate and appreciated. Suggested monetary gifting is $20.00 per session and will include all materials. The amount you gift is entirely up to you - it's between you call:
Zoe (828) 284 0975 for Asheville or Graham
Judith (919) 260 1430 for Graham class only

A day of ceremony and drum making with others
When making drums in a traditional way, we bring into physical form sacred beings. As we open ourselves to the teachings from our drums, we receive healing and transformation. Working with the drum we are able to reach the place before and beyond words, this place is oneness with Creator.

Sunday March 29 10 am - 3 pm
$100.00 includes materials, $35.00 Deposit by March 10 requested (scroll down)

Mail to: Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul in Chapel Hill, NC
1920 Western Trail Chapel Hill, NC 27516
To register call Miriam at (919) 304 5754 or Email:

Please bring the following with you:
Lunch to share (ready to eat)
sharp pocket Knife or exacto knife
Very good craft scissors for leather
Ball point pen, pencil
Small pliers
Two towels
Cutting board
please bring a cushion to sit on the floor inside (a camping chair optional)

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