Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wintry Greetings Everyone,

We’ve just returned from a hike to the river in the snow after awakening this morning to a landscape draped in white. Here in the Piedmont snow is a rare occurrence and invokes the magic and beauty of the north country. In the woods, by the river, two huge oak trees have come down and we stood in awe of their grandeur and size as they cleared a swath of forest with them. The ground must have been too saturated from all the rain and the last time the river jumped its banks flowing around the vast roots of these ancient tall standing ones. They have lain down their lives. We paid them homage. This is a good time to take into account all that is living and growing beneath the surface of the earth, readying itself for the sunshine of spring and all that flows within us beneath our own skin. With the crackle of the wood stove I’m enjoying this time of hibernation and quiet. Take the time to appreciate yourself today and the many connections to the life source running through your life. May we all lay down that which no longer serves us.

Please read through the offerings here at Drumsong and our extended community. I’m happy to answer any questions and to assist in anyway I can.

Peace, Love and Gratitude, Miriam
Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul

Fire Ceremonies

Sunday March 21st 4:00-7:00ish Spring Equinox
Friday June 18th 7:00-9:30ish Summer Solstice
Friday September 17th 7:00-9:30ish Yom Kippur Day of At-one-ment
Sunday October 31st 4:00-7:00ish Day of the Dead Ancestors Altar
Sunday December 19th 4:00-7:00ish Winter Solstice
(Feel free to bring food to share afterwards)

Join us for a Fire Ceremony to release what no longer serves you. You will have the opportunity to shed beliefs, feelings, thoughts, relationships or anything else that is hampering your ability to be fully and completely who you are by offering them to the fire. We will witness each other as we make new agreements with ourselves and dream our lives into being.

We will feed the holies and ask their assistance in recreating ourselves, our thoughts and our lives as we wish them to be. The choice is always ours!

If you are drawn to be here please call or email Miriam at (919) 304-5754 or
mailto:melieber@mebtel.netso I’ll know how many people to expect and give you directions if needed. Come prepared for outdoor conditions (December may be indoors). If it rains really hard we will come indoors and use the woodstove….Please dress for ceremony (knees and shoulders covered), and women please wear skirts or sarongs over your pants. Bring drums, rattles, water to drink and food to share (optional).
Gifting is appropriate and appreciated.

Bi-Weekly Shamanic Teaching Circle at Drumsong

Thursdays 9:450 am -11:45 am
Dates: 2010: Feb 11, 25, Mar 11, 25 Apr 8, 22, May 6, 20
Explore the world of your dreams and partner with your spirit helpers to trek deep within and become a spiritual warrior on the path of peace. Each week’s skills will build upon the next, stalking our inner obstacles and finding our power through impeccable action. We will journey with the sacred drum each week. Learn to get out of your own way and bring spirit through serving as a hollow bone in all your endeavors. When we work with the guides and helpers that are available to us, invite our medicine ancestors and honor the old ways and our elders, the doors of spirit healing open to us. Come be a part of the magic.
A contribution of $20- $25 per circle is suggested. May spirit always be your guide.
Arapaho Little Boys and Girls Sweat Lodge Ceremony at Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul led by Sharon Mitchell
Saturday, March 27 We will build a New Lodge
Sunday, March 28 Sweat Lodge
Saturday, October 23 Sweat Lodge
Bring yourselves and your prayers to this lodge. As the water is poured over the sacred stones the steam will carry our blessings to creator and assist us to purify. The name of this lodge refers to an Arapaho tradition that is gentler and more flexible than some sweat lodge traditions but does not mean that is intended only for children as I have been asked this question often. This is a lodge for people of all ages to come and bask in the womb of the earth mother and the gentle teachings of our grandmother Sharon.

Rev. Sharon Mitchell has been honored with the passing down of the tradition of this Arapaho Nation sweat lodge. She has been on the Red Road, living Native American Spirituality for over twenty years.
Her experience will inspire you to discover the power that you carry within you to manifest Grandmother‘s Spirit in your personal life. Rev. Sharon is a Science of Mind Ordained Minister bringing together New Thought and Ancient Wisdom in a weekly circle. Rev. Sharon is part of the Pastoral Team at the Mt. Area Hospice. She creates sacred and traditional ceremonies in her business, Ceremonies From the Heart.

Workday options: Saturday March 20, Friday March 26 and Saturday, March 27 or let me know when you are available to help with cutting, splitting and gathering wood and stones, raking, moving blankets, etc. The preparations are part of the ceremony and are a labor of love and communion with the land, the tall standing ones, the stone people, the water and enrich one’s experience of the ceremony greatly as we joyfully do this sacred work together.

Please contact Miriam (919) 304-5754 or mailto:mailto:%20melieber@mebtel.netto RSVP, find out protocols, directions and ask questions. I will send more information to those planning on attending as to how to prepare and what to bring. Directions are also available on my website www.drumsongsanctuary.com.

DRUM PAINTING: “Brushing of The Quetzal’s Feathers”

March 6 in Burnsville, NC call Zoe Allison 828 284-0975
March 27 in Winston Salem call Robin Lynne 336 416-7553
April 24 in Chapel Hill, NC call Miriam Lieberman 919 304-5754
$50.00-75.00 with $20 deposit requested to hold space by April 16, 2010

The Heart Beat of the Central Drum has been courting us with the words of our native mind and tongues through the whispering of the leafless trees this winter. This communication has been using the colors of the winter’s twilights and has been nudging the flanks of the deer, elk, buffalo, cows, and goats to come forth out of the hidden caves and recesses of our own cold tangled manes and tails.
From the place of your inner visionary and artist, now is the time to call in the memory Medicine of your drums and the strength your hearts desire. Whether it’s the airy feathers and flight of the small people, or the cold wash of the surf all are being invited to the ceremony of the “Brushing of The Quetzal’s Feathers” and to fly.

Visionary art for our Drums.
Your challenge is to embrace your visionary artist and tap into our collective rich traditions. Infuse your artisty with the drum and experience your “Dreaming your Life into Creation.” Your gift for Spirit is your creative self. Dream with the Gods and Goddess. Find a clearer connection with your own helpers, guides, and protectors.

Investigate new skills with the use of your drum to find answers to your personal questions.

Divination and protocol will be employed to find the meanings and share the teaching of our designs. Shamanism practices of health and healing with the drum will be addressed.Transform your life with the power and wisdom of ceremony.

10:00am-3:00pm Gathering includes:
This is a day workshop using multi-media techniques for you to create Art, from nature, meditation and ceremony. Books and magazines will be used with historical and architectural references for background information.

1. Most supplies will be provided however if you have special pens, pencils or small paint brushes and would like to use, in addition to our supplies, please bring them.
2. Your Drum!!!
3. Please bring a sturdy tray.
4. A small container for water (i.e. Bowl or cup)
5. Two pieces of paper as large as your drum size.
We will use ancient and modern techniques.
You may want to prepare by bringing ideas or inspiration from your dreams, books or magazine resources.
We will use ideas or designs from our collective past or future.
Dress comfortably.

Zoe Adele Allison-Rockingbear
Zoe Allison-Rockingbear is aTeacher of creating ones life using the aspects of the Artist, Healer, Visionary, and Warrior. Her personal work explores the mysteries and magic of our human relationship with Nature and the marriage of Celestial and Terrestrial energies, She incorporates the symbols and teachings of ancient cultures into our current life. As a Mayan Scholar and Day Keeper, She makes use of the sacred calendar and count of days. With integrity, heart and humor, she offers support and guidance in opening veils, dancing in multiple dimensions, manifesting dreams, and bringing clarity, freedom, and balance to our individual Earth walks.

The Earth Green Medicine Lodge Vision Quest will be the week following July 4th in the mountains near Asheville, NC so mark your calendars and more information will follow. Feel free to call with questions about questing or supporting those on th