Monday, July 28, 2008

Drum Birthing Ceremony & Rattle Making Ceremony

Drum Birthing Ceremony
With Zoe Allison
Friday August 8
6:30-8:30 pm

Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul
1920 Western Trail
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
RSVP to Miriam at 919 304-5754
(see website or email for directions)

Bring the drum you created in ceremony here nine months ago or a drum that has come into your life and join the birthing ceremony.

Bring gifts such as adornments, talismans, cordage, ribbons, belts, fetishes or beaters as gifts for all the drums being birthed (check with Miriam about Numbers). The gifts need to be ready for the drums. Also bring a cushion and a blanket to sit on.

Sharing our abundance with Zoe for travelling this way
and blessing these drums is appropriate and appreciated

Rattle Making Ceremony with Zoe Allison
At Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul
Saturday August 9, 2008
$75.oo (materials included)
9:00 am –1:00 pm

The ancient rattle gives us access to the unseen realms and has been used to dispel illness, dis-ease and also during life’s many celebrations. The sound of the rattle is magic and the ritual use of it’s energy can move us to create a deeper place of connection to ceremony within us. You will create a rattle and charge it with your own energy to assist you in calling in and working with your own helpers, guides, teachers and protectors. We will use simple techniques of sewing, painting and dreaming to create from our own inner wisdom a place where the magic of the rattle can assist us. Whether your rattle is made of hide or gourds, it will include the beings of the tree people, the four leggeds, the sacred plant people and all our relations. We will give thanks to all the beings and Mother Earth who in her abundance has given us refuge with our spirit relations who come to assist us.

Please BRING some or all of these sweet gifts from nature:
Sea shells, sea salt, seeds, beads, small round stones (corn seed size),
Any personal scissors, awls, needles, cutting boards you may prefer using.

Registration and information:
Call Miriam Lieberman at 919-304-5754 or email:
Deadline for registration paid in full: Saturday August, 9, $75.00 (bring a snack for yourself)
Make checks payable to: Zoe Allison
Send to Miriam Lieberman 1920 Western Trail Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Directions to Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul will be sent upon registration or can be found at

Zoe Allison is an Artist, Teacher, Healer, Mystic, Visionary and Warrior. Her work explores the mysteries and magic of the dynamic human relationship with Nature and the marriage of Celestial and Terrestrial energies, incorporating the symbols and teachings of ancient cultures. A Mayan scholar and Day Keeper, Zoe assists her students in making use of the sacred calendar and Count of Days in their lives. With integrity, heart and humor she offers support and guidance in opening veils, dancing in multiple dimensions, manifesting dreams, and bringing clarity, freedom and balance to our individual Earth walks.

Zoe authored the The Mayan Record Keeper, The Sacred Tzolkin and the Mayan Wave Tracker. She is also a Reverend, Certified Hypnotherapist and Shaa Healer. She has traveled extensively throughout Mexico and South America working with native elders to create sacred ceremony honoring the Earth and Ancestral Wisdom. Zoe lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she leads ceremonies and circles and works as a spiritual and shamanic counselor. She is co-founder of Earth Green Medicine Lodge, a center created from her vision of providing a place for spiritual community, healing, empowerment and transformation.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fire Ceremony and Firewalking

Fire Ceremony
With Miriam Lieberman
Roll out the red carpet to your life
Presented By : Marada Uchniat F.I.R.E. and SUNDOOR Certified

If you have never experienced a Firewalk and have always wondered, here is a beautiful opportunity for you to come and have one of life’s most memorable experiences.
Walk for yourself, for spirit, for joy, for life.
Walk in celebration.
The evening with the fire allows us to merge with our own spirit…fueling our passion and enthusiasm for what we desire to create in our lives. Walking the coals in not required to benefit from this expansive experience and align deeply with this aspect of yourself.

Friday June 27 6:00 pm till …..
Arrive at 6:00 pm to learn about and prepare for the ceremony,
Wear clothes to be comfortable outdoors rain or shine
Cost: $65.00 (couples $110.00) (Students $35.00)
(Repeaters 55.00) Some scholarships available
Bring food to share afterwards (optional)
Limited to 30 participants, Call for more info or mail registration to:
Miriam Lieberman at or 919/304-5754
1920 Western Trail Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(directions given at time of registration)

Firewalking is an ancient ritual that teaches people to reach beyond their limiting beliefs. In so doing we bring greater balance and beauty into our lives and spark our ability to co-create our personal dream. Marada brings this primitive practice of Firewalking into our contemporary setting, giving us tools to improve our lives, while keeping alive the sacred nature of the ceremony. Many people say this evening program is the most transformational experience of their life. Whether you walk on the coals or not, you will feel empowered and inspired.

The intent is to align with the elemental energies of the fire and ignite the fire within each of us. Being with the fire allows us to step through our fears and become the people we are meant to be. The evening with the fire allows us to merge with our own spirit ...fueling our passion and enthusiasm for what we desire to create for our lives.

This intent is made possible by spending the evening working with the fire and if we choose to, walking over the coals. However it is not required to walk in order to align with this element. This will truly be your individual choice and an amazing experience whether or not you walk the coals.

We will be spending the evening outdoors (rain or shine) so bring what you will need to stay dry and comfortable bring your favorite snack or dish to share afterward.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Drumsong Sanctuary for the Soul Newsletter and Calendar
Summer 2008

Bi-Weekly Shamanic Teaching Circle
Dates: June 9, 23, July 7, 21, Aug. 4, 18, Sept. 1, 15
Explore the world of your dreams and partner with your spirit helpers to trek deep within and become a spiritual warrior on the path of peace. Each week’s skills will build upon the next, stalking our inner obstacles and finding our power through impeccable action. We will journey with the sacred drum each week. Learn to get out of your own way and bring spirit through you to serve as a hollow bone in all your endeavors. When we work with the guides and helpers that are available to us, invite our medicine ancestors and honor the old ways and our elders the doors of spirit healing open to us. Come be a part of the magic.
A minimum contribution of $20- $25 per circle is suggested. As always, let your heart and spirit be your guide.

Monthly Soul Retrieval Support Circle Dates: Mondays 4-6 pm June 16, July 28, August 25. Sept. 22
RSVP at least 2 days in advance (if possible) for planning purposes.

This circle provides a supportive environment for those who have had a soul retrieval to communicate with the returned pieces of soul and to support each other in keeping the agreements made to them during the ceremony. This teaches us to be impeccable with our word, to honor the relationships and agreements we make in our lives, as demonstrated by our actions. You will be in the company of others who are welcoming back pieces of themselves and making room inside for this reunion to take hold. You will have the opportunity to journey in the dreamtime to renegotiate soul contracts made long ago that impact your life today and co-create the life you wish for yourself now.
The gifting basket will be available for your generous contribution, remembering that what we give to the spiritual sources in our lives comes back ten fold to us.

Monthly Fire Ceremony
Friday Nights 7:00 – 9:30 pm June 27, July 25, Aug. 29
RSVP at least 2 days in advance (if possible) for planning purposes.
Join us for a Fire Ceremony to release what no longer serves you. You will have the opportunity to shed beliefs, feelings, thoughts, relationships or anything else that is hampering your ability to be fully and completely who you are by offering them to the fire. We will witness each other as we make new agreements with ourselves and dream our lives into being. We will feed the holies and ask their assistance in recreating ourselves, our thoughts and our lives as we wish them to be. The choice is always yours!
The gifting basket will be available for your generous contribution, remembering that what we give to the spiritual sources in our lives comes back ten fold to us.

Vision Quest 2008
The Earth Green Medicine Lodge Vision Quest 2008 will take place in the mountains of North Carolina the week of July 14-20 at Big Butte. People interested in supporting the questers as they go up on the mountain in prayer for up to 4 days and four nights as we eat, drink, pray, and live in community are welcome to come and participate in the ceremony and offer their loving assistance.

For more information call Miriam at 919 304-5754 or or go to
For Lodging call Rob Luka 828- 280-2623

Trance Healing Circles (maximum 8 people per session by reservation only)
Contact Tracey Turner Keyser for dates and times (919) 942-0110
A Trance Healing is an opportunity to listen to and integrate information from souls that have been influencing your feelings, thoughts, habits and/or relationships before they are sent with their lights by two trance healers. Trance healings facilitate forgiveness, peace and reconciliation for all beings involved. Over time we recommend a series of eight healings to complete the cycle around the sacred spiral and balance your masculine and feminine energies.
Suggested donation: $15 per healing per person.

Individual or Family Counseling, Soul Retrieval, Cutting Ceremony, Fire Ceremony, Land Clearing, Calling Ceremony, and Shamanic Counseling, and Clinical Supervision are available by appointment.

I’d love to hear from you and can be reached at 919 304-5754 or or

In gratitude,